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Construction Industry Logistics

The construction sector has a large share in the economies of almost every country in the world. As a result of the latest statistics, the raw materials of the construction industry are among the main products of logistics among countries. During construction logistics, it can be taken into consideration that planning of transportation and management of it is so crucial.

What is Construction Logistics?

The construction sector is composed of raw materials with different structural characteristics. Logistics methods that ensure the transportation of these goods that make up the construction sector vary accordingly. For example, the requirements for the transportation of cement, an important raw material for construction, are not the same as those for the transportation of steel. The aim of construction transportation, which is shaped according to time and cost, is to observe the cost-performance balance in transportation costs and to ensure that the transportation is completed as soon as possible.

Advantages of Construction Logistics

Construction logistics ensures both the transportation of raw materials from one country to another and the swift and safe transport of construction materials to the construction site. In a well-planned logistics transportation, the time it takes for construction materials to arrive at the site is planned. Especially in infrastructure construction works, the measurement of this time is of great importance.

Factors such as the structure of the construction site, road conditions, and weather conditions are among the main problems of construction logistics. The effective solutions it offers to these problems are among the most important advantages of construction transportation.


One of the most important advantages of construction logistics transportation is the ability to carry out organized transportation. Construction logistics services, which ensure the regular and timely transportation of loads from the beginning to the end of the construction process, utilize land, air, and maritime transportation.

What are the Elements of Construction Logistics?

During the construction process scheduling is a vital element. Scheduling in construction logistics has an important role to deliver goods in an efficient way. All variables on the construction site are taken into account in the schedule calculation.


Warehousing is also a crucial element for construction logistics. The storage of construction materials ensures the successful continuation of the construction process. How and under what conditions each construction material will be stored stands out as an important detail.

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