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Pharmaceuticals & Chemistry

The ever-growing pharmaceutical and chemical industry in the world has led to the development of logistics services in this direction. Speed and technology have an important place in these logistics services that ensure the reliable transportation of pharmaceuticals from one point to another. On the other hand, chemical logistics, which ensures the safe transportation of harmful chemicals, puts safety at the forefront.

What is Pharmaceutical Logistics?

Pharmaceutical logistics, which ensures the safe transportation of pharmaceutical products from one point to another, has gained more importance especially after the covid-19 pandemic. Pharmaceutical logistics has therefore evolved to a certain extent in a different direction.


Especially in an increasing era of globalization, much attention must be paid to every link in the supply chain to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products. As pharmaceutical products are more sensitive to temperature changes, the importance of end-to-end temperature control is increasing. Pharmaceutical safety is also of utmost importance.Therefore, traceability in the supply chain is vital at all stages, from raw materials to finished products.


Especially if there is a risk of damaging or sabotaging pharmaceutical goods, the tracking system on logistic services is vital. We offer you to track your pharmaceutical goods in a spontaneous way. Also the instant temperature monitoring is very important during the logistic process of pharmaceutical goods. Medical drugs and vaccines need very sensible temperature values. Therefore, thanks to the latest high-tech warning systems, temperature and humidity can be monitored instantly.

What is Chemical Logistics?

Chemical products, which are the basic material of many goods, have a locomotive power for the continuation of industrial production. Especially in the field of health and cosmetics, chemical products are of great importance as raw materials.


Safety is one of the most important considerations in the logistics of chemical products. A chemical substance spillage can cause major problems. Therefore, all options that can ensure safety in the logistics of chemical products are preferred.


Another issue to be considered in chemical logistics is to comply with international chemical transportation rules. Each country may have its own law, especially for hazardous and chemical substances transported by air transportation. You should consider this situation during transportation.

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