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Paper & Packaging Logistics

The logistics of paper and packaging materials that enable the storage and even logistics of products have an important place. As an important part of global trade, the paper and packaging sector has a large share in the logistics industry.

Large Paper Rolls

What Are the Prominent Logistics Services in the Paper Industry?

Forest products are one of the most important raw materials for many industries. Many producers need logistic solutions in order to deliver their products to different parts of the world.


In the paper industry, special loading ramps and lifting benches are required for the transportation and loading of heavy loads. These specially designed equipment provide ease in loading and transporting loads heavier than 30 tons.


Sea transport is the ideal logistics solution for transporting forest products from one point to another around the world. Bulk cargo and container transportation provides safe and fast transportation of high tonnage raw materials from one point to another.

What Are the Prominent Logistics Services in the Packaging?

Boxes on Conveyor Belt

The most important function of logistics services in the packaging sector is to organize the transportation of materials at low costs. The packaging sector is a sector where new products are always produced.


Since the sales prices of packaging products are quite low, variable raw material prices significantly affect the profitability rate of companies operating in the sector. For this reason, minimizing transportation costs is critical for companies to maintain and improve their profitability rates.


Packaging and packaging materials are one of the most important links in the supply chains of every sector operating in the modern world. These materials are among the products that users come into direct contact with.


Therefore, it is extremely important to be careful about issues such as hygiene and health from the production stage of these materials. When you consider the issue in terms of packaging logistics, it can be understood how important it is for consumer health to pay attention to the same issues in the storage, transportation and distribution of products.

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