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Energy Industry Logistics

The advancement of technology and the increasing demand for energy in the world have the purpose of making the logistics sector meet these needs. Energy logistics includes both the direct transportation of energy resources needed by businesses and countries and the transportation of production materials of sustainable energy resources.

Green Energy Turbines

What is Energy Industry Logistics?

Non-renewable energy sources meet the majority of the world's energy needs. These resources are not available in the same amount in every country. Therefore, energy transportation is among the sectoral logistics activities that many countries need in the international arena.


Energy logistics basically constitutes the whole of the operational process that ensures the safe and fast transportation of energy production equipment or energy raw materials from one point to another.


Energy logistics is generally defined as the transportation of more complex and demanding loads. The transportation of petroleum and similar energy resources directly belongs to the scope of energy logistics. However, the storage and transportation of loads used for the production of sustainable energy sources, such as wind turbines, also falls within the scope of energy logistics.

Components of Energy Logistics

Solar Panel Farm8

Energy transportation cannot only be seen as the transportation of energy production vehicles and related raw materials from one point to another.


In particular, the entire process of transporting raw materials from the mine site to the relevant energy production unit as a result of their extraction is part of energy logistics. In addition, the storage of the relevant raw materials or energy production parts can also be directly counted among the solutions of energy logistics.


Energy logistics, which has an important place in both land and maritime transportation, provides special logistics solutions for each product. Bulk cargo transportation solutions come to the fore in coal transportation. In oil transportation, tanker transportation has an important place in both land and maritime transportation.

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