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Home Decor & Furniture Logistics

Furniture and other decor products, which are an important part of home decoration, have an important share in both domestic and international transportation.


The furniture and home decor sector, which needs different logistics solutions in almost every process from the manufacturing process to the end user, needs different logistics solutions every day.

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What Does Furniture Logistics Involve?

Furniture logistics, which has a wide process from production to the end user, requires many different logistics solutions.


In furniture and home décor logistics, various logistics solutions come into play after production. First of all, packaging and storage services are very important for the period from production to distribution.


In the process from storage to transportation, the tracking system and on-time delivery, which are the expectations of the companies, constitute an important part of furniture and home decor transportation.


Exports in furniture and home decoration need the international aspect of logistics. Especially maritime transportation has a great importance in furniture logistics.


By choosing maritime transportation solutions such as full container or partial container loading, you can deliver your products from one point to another in a faster and more affordable way.

What Should Be Considered When International Furniture Transportation?

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If you want to send furniture or home decoration products from one country to another, the first thing you need to pay attention to is customs clearance.


In particular, the customs legislation of each country differs. Therefore, you need to know the customs legislation of the relevant country before starting logistics.


Furniture has a durable form because it is made of wood. However, there is a risk of breakage when delivering furniture over a long distance.


Therefore, careful packaging and loading to the relevant logistics vehicle should be carried out meticulously for long-distance furniture transportation.

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