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Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is one of the most preferred logistics modes of world trade. This mode connects continents and carries many kinds of products between different countries. According to current rates, nearly two-thirds of world trade is carried out by maritime transportation. Thanks to high load-carrying capacity and credibility, ocean freight gives direction to world trade utilizing different kinds of services.

What is Ocean Freight?

The key to ocean freight is to transport goods by sea. Companies send or deliver goods by using huge vessels. In other words, ocean freight connects all continents. Ocean freight carriers can transmit cereals, different liquids, livestock, breakables, and types of machinery.


Current data indicate that there are 4,600 ports worldwide. But fewer than 100 ports are so crucial for ocean freight. Ocean freight services provide those ports with regular services. Major ports receive goods and deliver them to other inland regions. That's why ocean freight not only connects seas but also lands.


Especially if you believe in the existence of globalization, each country, following its resources, its raw materials or its labor force transports goods and tries to expand its commercial volume. And ocean freight is the best option to sustain this harmony.

What are the Types of Ocean Freight Services?

During the evolution of maritime transportation ocean freight services have changed a lot. The emergence of different types of cargo and advances in technology have led to the birth of different services in ocean transportation.


Ocean freight logistic services differ based on the type of vessel and cargo. The first dimension can be seen as the type of ship. It can be easily said that there are different types of vessels to sustain ocean transportation successfully.


Tanker and container ocean freight need different kinds of vessels. Container ocean freight is the most common type in terms of maritime transportation. It standardizes the shipping process and classifies products in terms of types or companies. 


When it comes to the type of goods bulk freight transportation is the most well-known service. It helps to carry the transportation of bulk cargoes such as coal, cereals, salt, cement, or sugar.

Advantages of Ocean Freight

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