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What is Partial Logistic? What are the Advantages of Partial Logistics?

Partial logistics is a service preferred by various businesses and plays an important role in the ocean freight industry. This service means that a load is transported in the same container with other cargoes without the need for full capacity. There are many advantages provided by partial logistics, one of the notable advantages is that it saves costs. It also provides flexibility as it is an ideal solution for businesses that ship smaller quantities of goods. Along with partial logistics, problems related to ocean freight are minimized and efficiency is increased.

What is Partial Logistics?

Partial transport plays a very important role in the ocean freight industry. Partial transportation by sea provides the transportation logistics of different companies on the same route with the same vehicle.

The logistics process becomes more efficient and both costs are reduced thanks to the partial. In partial transportation, cargoes are taken from customers and loaded into the sea transport vehicle and delivered to the predetermined targets.

In this way, it also offers an effective solution in cases where a small number of small-scale installations are required. The maritime sector is preferred as a fast and reliable shipping option.

Partial Logistics with its Advantages

Ocean freight is just one of the advantages of the partial logistics method.

● In this logistics, pricing is made considering the area occupied by the load, so that submissions can be made with lower freight charges.

● Delivery dates can be arranged depending on the demands of customers or buyers, thus providing flexibility.

● Partial logistics also can integrate with different transport systems such as airlines, sea, and roads. This saves time on the delivery of loads loaded on the same vehicle on different routes.

● By planning the route before loading, the waiting time is reduced, and timely deliveries are made.

● Partial logistics storage costs can be reduced by it. In this logistics, where small and suitable-sized vehicles are used instead of large-scale transportation vehicles, the need for a warehouse requiring excess space also disappears.

● Partially logistically, faster delivery times can be offered to customers. Thanks to route planning, which is optimized to deliver the load directly and quickly to the buyer, the delivery time is reduced to a minimum. Thus, customers are satisfied and the company's customer loyalty increases.

The partial logistics method, which is integrated into ocean freight, basically helps both reduce costs and increase efficiency.


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